Erucamide propyl hydroxy sultaine(EHSB)
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Erucamide propyl hydroxy sultaine(EHSB) Erucamide propyl hydroxy sultaine(EHSB)


Erucamide propyl hydroxy sultaine(EHSB)

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EHSB-40 is a biodegradable betaine-type viscoelastic surfactant, English name: ERUCAMIDOPROPYL HYDROXYSULTAINE
  • EHSB


  • Oil Drilling 


Technical indicators:



Appearance (25℃)

Pale yellow liquid

Free amine (%)


Solid content (%)


Sodium chloride (%)


pH value (1% aqueous solution)


Appearance (25°C)

Light yellow transparent liquid

Performance and application:

1. EHSB-40 is a biodegradable betaine-type viscoelastic surfactant, which can be used in daily chemicals and oilfield additives. The critical micelle concentration (cmc) at room temperature is 1.6×10-4mol/L. When the concentration increases to a certain concentration, the micellar structure will change, from spherical to rod-shaped gradually, and the solution can form a viscoelastic structure with a three-dimensional network structure.

2. EHSB-40 has a remarkable ability to reduce the interfacial tension of oil and water. The interfacial tension can reach 10-2mN/m or even 10-3mN/m under the conditions of surfactant concentration range of 0.06wt%~0.15wt%, salinity less than 10000mg/L, and temperature lower than 80°C.

3. EHSB-40 has a good emulsifying effect on crude oil. When the concentration of this product is 0.06wt%, the emulsion formed can remain stable for more than 24 hours, and the formation adsorption loss is less than 1mg/g, which can meet the use requirements.

4. The results of EHSB-40 laboratory oil displacement test show that surfactant flooding after water slugging can increase oil recovery by more than 10%.

5. At a shear rate of 170s-1, the viscosity of EHSB-40 is still higher than 40mPa·s at 70°C; at a temperature of 80°C and sheared for 2 hours, its viscosity is still higher than 25mPa·s. This system has good shear resistance. Cutness.

6. The sand-carrying performance test of EHSB-40 shows that the system can achieve good sand-carrying effect when the sand ratio is 30% or even 40%.

7. The gel breaking performance test of EHSB-40 shows that the system can break gel in the presence of formation water or crude oil, and there is no residue after the system breaks gel.

Packing: 200KG plastic drum.

Storage: Airtight storage at room temperature with a shelf life of two years.


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