How to choose products better
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How to choose products better

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How to choose products better

As the saying goes, know yourself and the enemy, and win every battle, and the same is true for the choice of defoamers. How to choose products better, summed up, include the following points:

1. Know what industry you belong to

2. Understand the foaming process

3. Is the defoamer a part of your production raw materials, commonly known as "internal addition", or is it added when bubbles are generated during your production or reaction process (external addition)

4. Understand the temperature and PH value in the production process

5 The position where the defoamer is added

Although it seems to be five small steps that seem simple, each item is very important. Only by implementing the specific content of each item can we initially select the appropriate product, and then on the basis of small tests and pilot tests, we will gradually Perfect the actual amount of addition, addition time, etc., so as to achieve the best effect.

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XY-237 defoamer is silicone defoamer is a solid defoamer product. It is recommended to be used in washing powder.
XY-130 antifoam is a silicone emulsion product. It is recommended to be applied to textile polyester dyeing,short term fermentation.
XY-26 defoamer is a highly effective polyether compound defoamer with outstanding foam suppression performance. It is mainly recommended for landfill leachate, polycarboxylic acid water reducer, ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar.
By adsorption on the cement hydrate surface to inhibit the contact with water, and adsorption on the hydrate nucleus to prevent the further increase of the nucleus, to achieve the purpose of delaying the hydration of cement paste.
It is a good isolating agent formulated by a variety of high efficient surfactants, suspending agents, aggravating agents, diluents and other additives in different ratios. It can effectively replace and flush the mud and prevent the cement slurry and mud from polluting each other.


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