Nitrile Gloves
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Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves


Nitrile Gloves

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Nitrile gloves KT-01
  • KT-01


  • Textile 



· Beautiful and elegant, easy to wear, soft and comfortable;

·Food-grade formula, anti-allergic design, more assured to use;

·Gloves are resistant to oil, weak acids and alkalis and organic solvents, anti-cutting, anti-puncture, etc., and are more durable.

Product Usage:

·This product is widely used in household cleaning and cleaning as well as chemical industry, fishery, food processing, aquatic products and other industries.

Product information:

·[Product Name] Nitrile Gloves

·[Material] Nitrile latex

·[Product Grade] Passed

·[Shelf life] Four years (unopened)

·[Executive Standard] Q/YC KTR0001-2021



·Please check for damage before use to avoid accidental damage to your hands.

·Do not come into contact with high-concentration medicines, gasoline and benzene.

·Clean it after use, and keep it dry, avoid baking or sun exposure.

Product number:

Palm width:          Small (S 7#) 102±10mm Medium (m 8#) 107±10mm

                                Large (L 9#) 115±10mm Larger (XL 10#) 130±10mm

Gloves are divided into two lengths of 330mm/380mm

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Nitrile Gloves

High-quality products are always the best weapon to win customers' trust and stand out from competitors.

Pay attention to the following 6 points to ensure the quality of the latex nitrile gloves you buy:

1. Confirm the size

Just like shopping for clothes, latex gloves should be the right size for your hands.

Gloves that are too large will not protect your hands well, bacteria and chemicals can easily enter the gloves and hurt your hands, while gloves that are too small will overstretch and become less durable.

Don't worry! Finding the right latex glove size for your needs is easy as XINYUE will provide you with a size guide and also send you free samples for you to try on.

2. Confirm the weight

It is unreliable to judge the quality and strength of gloves by the thickness of the gloves.

Instead, weight is an intuitive and accurate indicator of the amount of material used in a latex glove.

At present, the gloves (14-15mil) mainly launched by our company are thick gloves, which are more suitable for high-durability industries, such as chemical industry, fishery, food processing, aquatic products and other industries.

Of course, for many customers, they are more inclined to choose lighter and thinner gloves, which is completely possible. We will customize the exclusive gloves that belong to customers according to their needs.

If you're not sure, that's okay. Listening to the voice of the customer is always the best way!

3. Confirm the color

The choice of color might seem inconsequential, but it doesn't. It can improve the efficiency of specific industries by using specific colors of latex gloves.

Latex gloves generally have eight colors such as white, light green, pink, and blue.

In some industries, using specific colors of latex gloves can improve work efficiency.

Therefore, you'd better confirm with the customer which color gloves to use.

4. Powder-free or powdered latex gloves?

There are some latex gloves that are coated with cornstarch on the inside to make it easier to take off the gloves. We call them powdered latex gloves.

But the thing is, this layer of powder is also one of the causes of latex allergies.

Therefore, you should consider chlorinated powder-free latex gloves with low latex viscosity for easier doffing and less latex allergy concerns.

5. Price

Without a doubt, price is always one of the most important considerations.

Compare each brand's prices, product information and services in detail to find the best supply source, allowing you to reduce procurement costs and gain a price advantage—often the most powerful way to compete with others.

With years of production and sales experience, we have summarized these common buying points, hoping to help you buy the best latex gloves and achieve business success.


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