Promise me, please read this article before choosing a defoamer!!!
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Promise me, please read this article before choosing a defoamer!!!

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Promise me, please read this article before choosing a defoamer!!!

Promise me, please read this article before choosing a defoamer!


There are many types of defoamers on the market

Do you often get dazzled

don't know how to choose

Today I'm here to talk to you

How to choose the correct defoamer

find it useful

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How to choose the correct defoamer?


  1. First of all, you must distinguish which industry you are using, and the products corresponding to different industries are different.

  2. Find out if your system is oil-based or water-based. Water-based water-based defoamer, oil-based oil-based defoamer.

  3. The role of the defoamer is to eliminate harmful foam in your system without negatively affecting the substances in your original system. this point is very important.

  4. Different industries will choose to use different defoamers, and silicone defoamers in some industries have a good effect. Some industries are very repulsive to silicone defoamers, or have no effect at all. Therefore, no defoamer is omnipotent, only the defoamer suitable for your own use is the best.

  5. You need to know whether there is high temperature, strong acidity, strong alkalinity, or high shear force in your industry. These factors will seriously damage the defoamer and make it lose its effect quickly. If there is any of the above Conditions, it is necessary to choose some special defoamers.

  6. If you choose a defoamer suitable for your own type, you must choose a product with relatively stable product quality among these types, so as to avoid great losses due to the instability of the defoamer itself.


What conditions should a high-quality defoamer meet?

Insoluble or poorly soluble in foaming liquid

To break foam, the defoamer should be concentrated and concentrated on the foam membrane. For the case of foam breaker, itshould be concentrated and concentrated in an instant, and for the case of foam suppression, it should always be kept in thisstate. Therefore, the defoamer is in a supersaturated state in the foaming liquid, and it is easy to reach a supersaturated state onlyif it is insoluble or insoluble.

Insoluble or poorly soluble, it is easy to gather at the gas-liquid interface, and it is easier to concentrate on the bubble film, so itcan work at a lower concentration. For defoamers used in water systems, the molecules of the active ingredients must be stronglyhydrophobic and weakly hydrophilic, and the HLB value is in the range of 1.5-3 for the best effect.

Lower surface tension than foaming fluid

Only when the intermolecular force of the defoamer is small and the surface tension is lower than that of the foaming liquid, the

particles of the defoamer can immerse and expand on the foam film.

It is worth noting that the surface tension of the foaming liquid is not the surface tension of the solution, but the surface tension

of the foaming solution.

Has a certain degree of affinity with the foaming fluid

Since the defoaming process is actually a competition between the foam collapse speed and the foam generation speed, thedefoamer must be able to quickly disperse in the foaming liquid so that it can quickly work in a wider range in the foaming liquid.To make the defoamer diffuse faster, the active ingredient of the defoamer must have a certain degree of affinity with thefoaming fluid. If the active ingredient of the defoamer is too close to the foaming liquid, it will dissolve; if it is too sparse, it will bedifficult to disperse. Only when the closeness is appropriate can the effect be good.

No chemical reaction with foaming fluid

The defoamer reacts with the foaming liquid. On the one hand, the defoamer will lose its effect, and on the other hand, harmful

substances may be produced, which will affect the growth of microorganisms.

Low volatility, long acting time

First of all, it is necessary to determine the system that needs to use the defoamer, whether it is a water-based system or an oil-based system. Such as fermentation industry, it is necessary to use oily defoaming agent, such as polyether modified silicon orpolyether. The water-based coating industry needs water-based defoamers and silicone defoamers. Select the defoamer,compare the amount added, and use the reference price to get the most suitable and economical defoamer product.


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XY-26 defoamer is a highly effective polyether compound defoamer with outstanding foam suppression performance. It is mainly recommended for landfill leachate, polycarboxylic acid water reducer, ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar.
By adsorption on the cement hydrate surface to inhibit the contact with water, and adsorption on the hydrate nucleus to prevent the further increase of the nucleus, to achieve the purpose of delaying the hydration of cement paste.
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