Three minutes will take you to understand why the defoamer can defoam.
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Three minutes will take you to understand why the defoamer can defoam.

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Three minutes will take you to understand why the defoamer can defoam.

According to the function of defoaming agent, defoaming agent manufacturers can be divided into three categories: defoaming agent, antifoaming agent and defoaming agent. Add a foam breaker after the liquid is foamed, and enter the bubble film by absorbing the bubbles and surface tension, so that the substrate is thinned, so that the bubbles can be quickly destroyed and the liquid level can be lowered. The foam inhibitor is a substance that can inhibit the generation of the bubble method , it is adsorbed on the bubbles together with the liquid foaming substance, thereby reducing the surface tension, making the bubble film thinner and damaging the bubble film, thereby preventing the foaming phenomenon, and the defoaming agent is adsorbed on the bubbles in the liquid and makes The air gathers in the air bubbles, and after the bubbles absorb each other, they collapse outside the adsorption interface and form large bubbles. Increased buoyancy speeds up ascent and facilitates defoaming. Defoamers usually have multiple functions, such as foam breaking, foam suppression and defoaming, so it is often difficult to strictly distinguish them.

Characteristics of silicone defoamers There are many types of defoamers, including oily, solvent-based, silicone, emulsion and solid powder. All defoamers have the following properties:

1. Strong defoaming ability, low dosage;

2. Adding defoamer will not affect the basic performance of the system;

3. Low surface tension;

4. Good balance with the surface;

5. Good dispersion and permeability;

6. Good heat resistance and acid and alkali resistance;

7. Strong chemical stability and strong oxidation resistance;

8. Good gas solubility and permeability;

The origin of the mechanism is to sprinkle high-grade alcohol or vegetable oil on the foam. When it dissolves in the foam liquid, the price of the defoamer will greatly reduce the surface tension there. These dry substances are generally not very soluble in water, so the reduction in surface tension is limited to a localized area of the foam, and the surface tension around the foam is almost unchanged. Parts with reduced surface tension are strongly pulled and stretched, then rupture.

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