Water treatment defoamer
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Water treatment defoamer

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Water treatment defoamer

Water treatment defoamer

Colorful bubbles always give people a romantic and dreamy feeling.

But these "romantic and dreamy" are troublesome existences in the industrial field.

Foam in industrial production may lead to a decrease in output and affect the quality of finished products, which is a major problem in industrial water treatment. Because it will kill a large number of microorganisms in the water body and affect the water quality, resulting in substandard wastewater discharge, affecting subsequent industrial processes, and causing environmental pollution.

In order to eliminate these harmful foams, smart people have developed water treatment defoamers, which are undoubtedly favored by many manufacturers, making this type of application more and more widespread.

Let's introduce the function of water treatment defoamer:

1. Foam breaking effect

The foam breaker is added after the liquid is foamed. By absorbing the surface tension of the foam, the foam is thinned and the foam bursts, which can quickly destroy the bubbles and lower the liquid level;

2. Anti-foam effect

Anti-foaming effect, the anti-foaming agent is a substance that can inhibit the generation of foam, so that the generation of foam is reduced, the foam film is thinned, resulting in damage, and it can prevent the phenomenon of foaming and the generation of liquid bubbles;

3. Degassing effect

The defoaming agent adsorbs on the bubbles in the liquid, gathers the air in the bubbles, and after the bubbles are adsorbed to each other, the adsorption interface is damaged to form a large bubble, which rises to the liquid surface due to the increased buoyancy, which promotes the degassing effect.

It can be seen that the water treatment defoamer has a lot of energy, let's learn about these "energy" through specific products!

1. Emulsion type defoamer XY-531


(1) Composition:

It is composed of special hydroxyl compounds, synergists, emulsifiers, dispersants, etc.

(2) Features

The effect is stable during the storage period, the defoaming speed is fast, and it has strong defoaming performance.

(3) Application field

It is mainly recommended for papermaking, papermaking sewage treatment, starch paste, industrial cleaning, papermaking surface sizing, water-based adhesives, and industrial circulating cooling water treatment.

2. Mineral oil defoamer XY-706


(1) Appearance

Pale yellow to brown oily liquid

(2) Features

Good dispersibility, good defoaming

High compatibility, not easy to produce surface defects, no adverse effect on gloss

(3) Application field

Foam suppression and defoaming in various bleaching, glue making, printing, sewage treatment and other fields.

3. Silicone defoamer XY-760


(1) Composition

Composed of polyorganosiloxane, modified polysiloxane, silicon dioxide, emulsifier and thickener, etc.

(2) Features

In the environment of medium and high temperature (60°C-90°C) and strong alkali (pH 10.0-14.0), it can quickly eliminate foam and has outstanding foam suppression performance

(3) Application fields

Key recommended industries: sewage treatment, paper pulp washing, etc.

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XY-237 defoamer is silicone defoamer is a solid defoamer product. It is recommended to be used in washing powder.
XY-130 antifoam is a silicone emulsion product. It is recommended to be applied to textile polyester dyeing,short term fermentation.
XY-26 defoamer is a highly effective polyether compound defoamer with outstanding foam suppression performance. It is mainly recommended for landfill leachate, polycarboxylic acid water reducer, ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar.
By adsorption on the cement hydrate surface to inhibit the contact with water, and adsorption on the hydrate nucleus to prevent the further increase of the nucleus, to achieve the purpose of delaying the hydration of cement paste.
It is a good isolating agent formulated by a variety of high efficient surfactants, suspending agents, aggravating agents, diluents and other additives in different ratios. It can effectively replace and flush the mud and prevent the cement slurry and mud from polluting each other.


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