What are the benefits of silicones for textile pulp defoamers?
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What are the benefits of silicones for textile pulp defoamers?

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What are the benefits of silicones for textile pulp defoamers?

1. Silicone defoamer has low surface tension

The surface tension of silicone oil is lower than that of the dyeing and finishing solution. The surface tension of medium-viscosity dimethyl silicone oil is 20-21mN/m, while the tension of water is 76mN/m, so the surface tension of silicone defoamer is low to defoam The ability is relatively strong, so it has been widely used.

2. Silicone defoamer has stable performance

Silicone defoaming agent has stable defoaming performance, can withstand high temperature environment of 150 degrees Celsius, can still defoam and suppress foam stably at this temperature, and is chemically inert, will not affect the properties of dye aqueous solution, and will not interact with dyes, The chemical reaction of slurry and other additives will not affect the quality of the product.

3. Silicone defoamer has good defoaming effect and low dosage

The defoaming speed is fast, and it has a good ability to inhibit foam regeneration. The addition of one thousandth of the amount can achieve a good defoaming effect. The addition of a low amount is beneficial to textile manufacturers to control production costs.

In general, silicone defoamers are widely used in the textile printing and dyeing industry because of their low dosage, stable performance, low surface tension, and good defoaming and antifoaming effects.

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